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  • Les Grapilleurs du Beaujolais

Les Grappilleurs du Beaujolais

This fraternity was created to promote Golden Stones area trough its wine. Nowadays it is around 10500 members, some are famous such as Patrick Bruel, Olivier de Kersauzon, Paul Bocuse...
They keep the sabot, the hat and the apron of the elders.
They can come for a family meeting, a congress to enthrone you.

Contact : Jean François Brondel :
Tél : 04 74 67 11 62
E-mail :

Les Compagnons du Beaujolais

Tel. 04 74 60 54 81

Destination Beaujolais pierres dorées 04 74 60 26 16

Official website of the Tourist Office of Beaujolais des Pierres Dorées.


ANSE: mid-April to the end of September, Monday to Saturday 10AM to 12:30PM and 2PM to 6PM. October to mid-April, Monday to Saturday 9:30AM to 12:30PM and 2PM to 5:30PM.

LEGNY-PONTS TARRETS: mid-April to the edn of September, Friday and Saturday 10AM-12:30PM and 2PM-6PM, and Sunday 10AM-2PM.

OINGT: during the Organ Festival (1st WE of September), the European Heritage Days (2nd WE of September), the Christmas Cribs Festival (in December).